Our implants mimic the look, feel and strength of the natural tooth. Our design works to prevent future loss of integration of the placed implant.

Genuine Abutments

Providing the safest and most trusted option for crown seating, genuine titanium abutments offer strength and durability all without voiding your patient’s manufacturer warranty.

Hybrid Abutments

Give your patient the very best in modern restorative dentistry with JR Dental’s hybrid zirconia abutments. When patients require a naturally esthetic restoration without sacrificing strength, there is no better option than our custom-shaded zirconia beneath one of our many highly-esthetic final restorations.

Screw-Retained Crown

A minimally invasive treatment, which targets the specific area of the missing tooth without compromising the integrity of surrounding dentition. Our screw-retained crowns are easily retrievable, a convenient feature when cleaning or maintenance is needed.