Additional Services

We understand that sometimes our clinicians need more than just a quality product. We offer the following value-add services to ensure that your practice runs smoothly so that your patients are always taken care of. Please contact our laboratory if your practice requires fixed restorative work not listed under our service offerings.

Rush Services

Do you need to send a case that can’t wait? We can help. JR Dental Laboratory, Inc. offers rush services for urgent cases so that you receive your case exactly when you need it. Please call our laboratory beforehand to schedule your rush case.

Custom Shade Matching

We work directly with your patient to find the closest possible color to match their natural dentition. Get in touch with JR Dental Laboratory, Inc. if you’re concerned about getting the exact coloration for your patient’s restoration. For your patient's convenience, we provide in-office or in-lab services for all local cases.

If you are not located within our area, JR Dental offers collaborative case planning through the use of patient photos. Please call our laboratory before sending your patient's photos, so that we may discuss the specifics of your patient's case beforehand.

Digital Design Services

If you are a full service CEREC office, you can send your digital impression to us via “Connect.” We will design the restoration, and return the design to your office so you can mill and it in-house. With advance scheduling, this can be done while your patient waits.

  • Advance scheduling, for cases you know will be challenging for you or your staff.
  • Emergency design, for situations where you have a crown that has to be done as quickly as possible.
  • Regular digital cases, for cases that you want us to design; We return the design for you to mill at times the patient doesn’t want to wait for the crown.
  1. You can use a current scan or begin with a new scan.
  2. Open your Connect feature, follow the steps set out for you, then when you get to the “pick a lab,” select JR Dental (in Colorado Springs).
  3. Please make sure the margins are marked before you send the case.
  4. Contact us by calling the laboratory 719-635-1107 to let us know you are sending a case. We will contact your office when we are ready to send the case back to you.

If you need the case turned around in one hour or less, you must schedule with us before you begin the process. Once we know the case is on its way, you may send the case.
All cases sent must fit in the block inventory you can mill with your milling unit.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

If your patient is having a difficult time committing to their restoration, suggest a custom wax-up from JR Dental Laboratory. Our diagnostic wax-ups are designed to provide patients with a portrayal of what their final restoration will look like, so that they will feel more comfortable committing to their new restoration.

CEREC® Connect

We are a digital-ready CEREC® Connect lab! Send your digital impression today to get started.

Case Planning

At JR Dental Laboratory, Inc. we believe in alleviating the frustrations of complex cases through collaborative case planning, giving you as much chair time as possible. Exceed your patient’s expectations by planning your next restoration alongside JR Dental Laboratory, Inc.