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JR Dental Lab

At JR Dental Laboratory, our bond with clinicians is as solid and long-lasting as the restorations we produce. By working alongside top-tier dental practices, we’re able to keep our community smiling daily. We are proud to be a Dentsply Sirona InLab certified CAD/CAM digital laboratory, milling both traditional and digital impressions in-house.

JR Dental Laboratory offers an all-encompassing list of quality products such as full-contour zirconia, IPS e.max®, PFM crowns and much more. Pairing the latest digital technology with our skilled craftsmanship, JR Dental Laboratory is the best choice for patients and practices seeking exceptional restorations.



Dr Nicolas R. Pruett

Broadmoor Dental

As restorative dentists, the partnership we have with our restorative lab has an immeasurable value. Your final results are aesthetically and functionally, the amount of time you spend on a case, and your patients’ satisfaction are acutely defined by your lab technician.

Your lab needs to be able to translate your vision of final results three dimensionally, functionally, and aesthetically while complimenting your restorative approach. John Rocha and his team have this vision unlike any team I have worked with in 25 years.

It is beautiful when your lab actually functions as a part of your equation in casework. listens and understands what you are communicating, chooses to communicate ideals and approaches with you, and executes on prescribed care consistently and predictably. Add to this that JR Labs uses leading technologies, and continually invests in tested and proved technologies.

John Rocha is a master technician. He is always there for you and responds to your needs immediateluy.

Choosing John, and the team at JR Labs, is singularly one of the best decisions I have made in my career


Dr Tony G. Oreskovich

JR Dental Laboratory has been our exclusive crown and bridge lab for over ten years. John Rocha and his team produce consistent, high-quality restorations. They are always at the technological forefront ad have assisted us with our transition to digital scanning. John is always available for consultations and is truly a valued partner in our quest to provide the best in dental care.